Ahimsa Vegan Seasoning Powder – Wellknown Flavour [Plant Based Chicken Stock] 鸡精粉


  • Ahimsa Vegetarian HALAL Seasoning Powder–Wellknown Flavour 200G 麦之素 素鸡精粉 [ Plant Based Chicken Stock ]

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Ingredients :
Salt, Sugar, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Soy Sauce Powder, White Pepper, Flavour Enhancer ( contain flavour enhancer as permitted food additives)

Cooking Suggestion 煮法:-
1:80 ratio . Use 1 Part of powder with 80 parts of hot water or 100g powder with 8kg of hot water.
Bring to the boil to make Vegetarian Chicken Stock.


Storage Instruction 保存方法:-
Keep at Room Temperature 需置於室内温度27°C

Plant-Based Chicken Stock 素鸡精粉
- Easy to Use & Time Saver: Get instant stock in 5 minutes and save hours of stock preparation
- Versatile Base: Ideal for soup, sauces or as a base for any dish for robust flavour and Umami enhancer. Stock that suits hot or cold applications
- Economical: Concentrated, 1 pack can make up to 16 kg of stock
- Certified by HALAL, HACCP
- 100% VEGETARIAN 纯素:
- Cholesterol, Milk and Egg FREE 不含胆固醇,蛋,奶, No onion or garlic 無五辛
- Resealable pack easy for storage up to 2 years (Expiry date is as it is direct from factory)
- Healthy with No Preservative Added健康, 不含防腐剂

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