Ahimsa Mushroom Ball [Plant Based Meat Ball] 牛蒡菇丸


  • Ahimsa Mushroom Ball [Plant Based Meat Ball] 牛蒡菇丸


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We will ship your parcel in polyfoam with ice packs inside. As per normal, 2-3 working days to receive the parcel. (Trace your order according to the tracking no. provided )
运输附有保利龙箱 + 冰袋保冷送到你家。
(MCO/CMCO/RMCO 可能会影响运输,根据提供的tracking no查询你的订单)

Please keep it in the freezer upon receiving it to maintain the freshness of your order. 到了请立刻把食品冷藏

Ingredients 成份: -
Water, Konjac Gum , Mushroom Stalk, Modified Tapioca Starch, Modified Starch, Algae Gum, Salt, Sugar, Palm Oil, Vegetarian Seasoning , caramel (Contain flavoring, Thickener and coloring, Food Additive as permitted food)
水,蒟蒻, 香菇,改良木薯淀粉,改良淀粉, 海藻,盐,糖, 油,焦糖,素调味料

Serving Suggestion 食用方法:- Fried, Fry, Soup, Buffet 炸, 炒, 汤,自助餐

100% VEGETARIAN 纯素, HALAL 清真认证, HACCP, GMP, ISO22000

Storage Instruction 保存方法: -
Keep Frozen below -18°C

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 2 × 19 × 15 cm