Ahimsa Atlantic Sambal [Plant Based Sambal Cuttlefish] 叁芭鱿鱼


  • Ahimsa Atlantic Sambal [Plant Based Sambal Cuttlefish] 叁芭鱿鱼

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到了请立刻把食品冷藏 Please keep it into freezer upon receiving to maintain freshness of your order.
Having Tasty Savour sambal at home is quick and easy.
Defrost and 10 minutes in the steamer.
Voila, it's ready to be eaten as a dish with perfect for Nasi lemak
Just the right amount for 2 pax.

Hint: May spice it up to a whole new level ! Frying it with petai , brinjal

叁芭鱿鱼 Atlantic Sambal
Ingredients 成份: -
Konjac, Algae, Modified Corn Starch, Chilli, Tomato, Lemongrass, Cabbage, Oil, Sugar, Salt
蒟蒻, 海藻胶,改良玉米淀粉,辣椒,番茄,香茅,包菜,油,糖,盐

Serving Suggestion 食用方法:-
Reheat 预热

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